Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Lee Mount

Thanks to a call from Andy in the Shibden Valley this afternoon about a flock of 48 Pink-feet heading NW - our way. I had nearly given them up, thinking they may have changed direction, but they came over 8 minutes later - no wonder they had taken a while, as they were really struggling in the blustery wind. I couldn't get a proper count over the houses but as they went through another group of 6 followed them, there may have been more? Brian picked them up in the distance from Soil Hill and Nick also from Roils Head with a count of 67. Maybe another group joined the 48 after leaving Shibden.
A good start to the New Year - cheers Andy !


Brian Sumner . said...

Thanks for the prompt calls Andy and Dave, the Pinkies were well to the south of me towards Ringby and would have gone through unseen if not for the grapevine. A great assett to birding.
Well done to DJS for keeping up to the system during 2012, a credit to you.
Lets see if we can make you twice as busy in 2013.

Jeff Cox said...

Hear, hear Brian. Well done Dave and thanks for your hard graft and committment.

Nick Carter said...


NTBR said...

Fourthed by me!