Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lee Mount

1 Redwing again, feeding in the garden with 12+ Blackbirds
1 Sparrowhawk through
1 Kestrel over high mobbed by B H Gulls


Brian Sumner . said...

Have you tried the apples yet, mine are going down a treat.

DJSutcliffe said...

Apples are on the lawn and going down lovely, also got a few dried mealworms and quaker oats and raisins and sultanas - must try the tree this week for the apples. They say banana and pears go down well too but not tried them, though they do like grapes!

Brian Sumner . said...

Sounds like a birds paradise down there. Had pears but they soon go brown and mushy.
Suet pellets seem to be the favourite up here and home made fat cakes made with dripping and seed.
Nigel tried a banana at Ogden but it didnt go down too well, sorry Nigel, couldnt resist that one.

Steve B. said...

I put a few tomato pieces out with the kitchen crumbs and the blackbird went straight for them. (While the snow was here.)

I had a kestrel at Ogden Res during the snow. It flew straight as an arrow to a spot on the ground on the other side of the res. where it seemed to be hunting on foot. The power of those eyes to see a small mammal so far away!