Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mixenden Res'r

A small group of (10+)? Pink-footed Geese went through WNW approximately 11.30 - heard but not seen in the mist
3 Goldeneye (1 drake)
27 Mallard
200+ B H Gulls
40 Common Gulls
1 adult L B B Gull
3 Goldcrest
5 L T Tits
c50 Jackdaws
1 Brown Hare in the plantation getting some shelter from the cold I guess, but it was soon off!

Also today 1 Grey Heron >W over Lee Mount and another >SE over Skircoat Green both mid afternoon

1 comment:

Brian Sumner . said...

Good that Pinkies are still about.
Nearly a full weeks birding this week Dave, time out for good behavior!