Sunday, August 14, 2016

Ogden golf course area and Swales Moor

Ogden golf course from late yesterday afternoon (Saturday 13th) - male Redstart still showing in the hedge near the bottom of the golf course and looking very much in molt and being quiet and secretive just showing once then hiding away. Looks like the same bird as the one there on 18th July.
Also on Hunter Hill yesterday - a Green Woodpecker headed off towards Mixenden plantation.

This afternoon on Ringby Lane - not a lot doing
1 Kestrel
10+ Linnet and c20 Pied Wagtails in 'the wagtail' field but no sign of the Yellow Wagtails now. Possibly one White Wagtail in the field today but they are tricky with so many juvenile 'pieds' about and adults in stages of moult. !
2 House Martins above Lee Lane
9 Starlings
2 Stock Doves
2 juvenile Little Owls nearby
 One of 2 juvenile Little Owls just a bit distant
Juvenile Pied Wagtail

Lee Mount
8 Swifts over this morning

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mike stead said...

A juv Little Owl at the usual site near Brighouse as well Dave. Much screeching from the barn as a juv Buzzard landed on the roof ! Two other calling birds, probably adults around as well, being mobbed by 20+ Swallows.
Very few, if any Yellowhammers about.