Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Ogden and Hunter Hill

I came across this very obliging Brown Hare this afternoon along Hunter Hill. I think I was just lucky as I looked over a wall and managed to get the camera on it before it realised I was there !

Below - this Whinchat was down on the fence at the lower end of the golf course. I thought at first it was an adult male but from the photo's, the plumage, despite the bold eye-stripe, looks more like a juvenile or maybe it's the adult male in moult. A scarce bird in Calderdale nowadays though I expect there will be some autumn migrants coming through in the next few weeks from more northern areas.

Not a lot else about other than a few Swallows >W
7 Swifts >NW - they have really thinned out in the last few days with many now on their way back to Africa.
Meadow Pipits - a pair still feeding young
2 Willow Warblers
c30 Linnets feeding on thistles near Stodfold
Lots of Woodpigeons on the billberies !


Brian Sumner . said...

A good spot down there Dave, should pick something good up through autumn. Looks like the Redstarts have moved on.I keep checking your Roper Lane Redstart site but nothing showing as yet.

NTBR said...

Always good to get a whinchat Dave and the hare a bonus to boot.