Friday, February 12, 2016

Pinkies Flyover

          Lots of noise over Claremount this morning as 50
          Pink Footed Geese flew over possibly going to Fly
          Flatts Res shame it was so cloudy.

          Cromwell Bottom-:
          6 Jay
          1 GSW
          8 LTT. lots of the regular tit family
          1 female Reed Bunting
          1 Wren
          2 Grey Heron
          1 Goldcrest
          Blackbirds and Robins and Corvids
          1 Song Thrush.

           12 Goldfinch
           2 Collared Dove
           2 Chaffinch
           1 Blue Tit.

1 comment:

David Sutcliffe said...

Always worth getting photo's of geese Dave though they can turn out to be Canadas. But the calls are very different.
In better light 'pinks' are always worth checking photo's in case of an odd White-front with them - well maybe !