Monday, February 22, 2016

Little Beauty

            Went in search of a rarity to these parts but had no joy,
            it was nice to meet Muxy & his wife who was on the
            same search until we were rained, frozen & peed off
            but did spot a little beauty in a Little Owl, I then went
            up to Soil Hill for half-hour but very quiet, a few Crows,
            Maggies & Gulls and 1 Skylark also a Chiff Chaff still
            singing away down Back Lane.
            Peregrine Falcon also seen flying from Boothtown
            towards Shibden this morning.



Muxy said...

Nice to meet you too Dave. Only thing we really got today was an early Curlew at the edge of lower Walshaw which was with 14 Oycs.

ChrisJB said...

Struggling for little owl this year so far. Well done!

Phil D said...

Good photos Dave, love the little owl