Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Mixenden Reservoir

A big disappointment this morning when I saw the state of the 'big hedge' !

Maybe YW had their reasons for such drastic action rather than phasing the work. This was a massive old hawthorn hedge, in length probably over 100 meters, with Blackthorn, Holly, Bramble, Lonicera and other species. Hopefully it will grow quickly again.
This was a really important staging post for small birds with many migrants stopping off on their travels in spring and autumn as well as winter thrushes and breeding birds with a wealth of other species.
I'm still trying to find some photo's before it was ravaged like this - the birds lose out again !! (for a while).

On the reservoir
1 f Goldeneye
5 Mallard
c70 Black-headed Gulls
30+ Common Gulls
2 adult L B B Gulls

and Frogs active in the plantation ponds.

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Brian Sumner . said...

A great loss for Mixenden with the hedge gone. It will take years to grow back anything like unless they are taking them out altogether.
They say the larger the trees grow the more the roots need to grow which are damaging to the banking and can weaken it.