Wednesday, August 12, 2015


They are well on the move now with plenty of them around until late last week and the weekend but they have thinned out over the last few days now the breeding pairs have moved off. All on their way back to Africa !
4 over Brighouse yesterday and 3 today (MH)
3 over Lee Mount this morning >SW and 1 over Pepper Hill this afternoon

There will still be a few about and 'movers' from further north will be coming through in the next week or two and we occasionally get a September record.


Bradshaw Rambler said...

3 Swift seen from Soil Hill today Dave.

Brian Sumner . said...

No Swifts for me since Sunday Dave, chance of some stragglers yet or another push of late breeders.

Dave Brotherton Photography said...

2 Swift over Claremount Thursday evening going towards Shibden