Saturday, August 22, 2015

Cromwell Bottom Open day

Very well done to all the volunteers from Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group on the occasion of their open day today. I dropped in there this afternoon to a warm welcome along with a good cuppa and some Lemon Drizzle !!!.
Lots of hard work and organisation went into the event with plenty of activities and information for the visitors. It was good to meet up with some 'old' friends and meet new ones.
Well done everyone for your hard work on the day and for all your practical work and organisation which has gone in to developing this wonderful reserve for nature - keep up the good work.

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Dave Brotherton Photography said...

They do a great job down at Cromwell and work very hard to make it a wonderful place for nature and visitors,
I couldn't get there today because of work, I do wish they'd have the open days on a Sunday ( just me being selfish ).