Friday, August 14, 2015

Ogden etc

After easterlies yesterday and heavy overnight rain continuing I chanced Ogden first thing in the hope of something brought in by the weather !
Nothing doing other than a light fall of up to c20 Willow Warblers but couldn't find anything with them.
2 G C Grebes
1 Herring Gull
6 L B B Gulls
2 Common  Gulls
20 B H Gulls

Mixenden Res'r - nothing

Fly Flatts - not much - still pouring down
Barnacle Goose still with 20 Canadas
1 L B B Gull
1 Wheatear

Maybe something to find when the weather picks up (?)


Bradshaw Rambler said...

Tough birding at Ogden today Dave.
I missed the Herring Gull at Ogden
(however I did hear a call that reminded me of Herring Gull so it may have been there!!)

Dave Sutcliffe said...

Still no terns John - another month or two yet so we still a chance !

Brian Sumner . said...

Nice try round on an ideal day for movers, not birders.
Dipped at Ogden myself tonight apart from Swallows piling through.

Jeff Cox said...

I'm missing the moorland birds Dave! Had one Wheatear here on the cliffs in April and none since of course. No Dippers, Nuthatch, Red Grouse, Raven or Redpoll. No chance at all of Twite. There are compensations (I found the first Stone Curlew recorded at Hornsea Mere in June) but having lived all my life in and around Halifax, the moorland birds are my first love.