Sunday, August 23, 2015

Soil Hill

A few quick notes from today:

On the Northern Side of the hill's summit I was trudging through the grass when I flushed a small dark passerine. After subsequent flushes to reveal more features, It showed enough for me to be confident that it was a Grasshopper Warbler. It moved along the Northern Edge of the Summit, until I eventually lost it in the scrub at the top of the slope on the north side.

From the pool also on the north side, the one with a steep mud pile behind it I flushed a female Teal, which was a surprise. It flew round the summit a few times before I lost it. It must have landed in one of the fields to graze, as I managed to flush it from there a little later. I should have been sharper to try and avoid disturbing it

That point was driven home when I flushed a snipe from one of the top scrapes. It seemed pretty driven and flew on south. Its possible though that it may have landed in the field with the stone circle but I could not see

There were also good numbers of Swallows building up around the fields on the North Side. They might have dropped with this afternoons storm on the horizon. Somewhere between 50-100 birds were down there.

At least one Spotted Flycatcher was still down the track to the left of the Koi Shop, but I only saw it briefly.

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