Saturday, January 03, 2015

Moorlnd Walk - Fri

Drive to spot and walk produced at least 7 Kestrels, 1 of which was struggling to carry large prey which I assume it couldn't have killed.  We were then examining feathers from a prey item that to our eyes looked liked Kestrel feathers in colouring.  Then right on cue a Peregrine came straight above us.  Don't know if they would ever take Kestrel or just coincidence.  Also had c6 Grey Partridge and c12 Grouse.  Then a small brown bird appeared and it was a Robin at > 1200ft in January. 2 Pied Wagtails in the drainage ditches also very high up too. 2 Sparrowhawks too.


Dave Sutcliffe said...

A nice mix of birds there Muxy. I think a peg could definately take a Kestrel, they take a wide variety of prey. I thing there is a website on the Derby Cathedral Peregrines with a list of their prey items - fascinating - must try and see if Kes is on their list - if I can find it !!

Dave Sutcliffe said...

I have found the website and they have a full prey list 50+ species of bird from the nest site up to 2013. It does not include Kestrel. But there are a number of surprises on the list such as Kingfisher, Corncrake and Water Rail... !!

Muxy said...

Thanks Dave. I just wished I'd taken a photo of the feathers so someone with a more expert eye could have given their view.