Saturday, January 03, 2015

Great Northern Diver - Mixenden res.

I finally managed to summon up the enthusiasm to go and see the GND this morning. After nearly a full circuit of the reservoir completed there was still no show and the sleet was coming down more and more heavily, it looked a bit grim to be honest. Then suddenly I caught sight of it on the far side of the water so I headed back round for a closer look. I managed reasonable views down to about 100 yards, just enough for my compact camera to record a few plumage details before it went back in it's case before short circuiting.

I've been birding now for 36 years without EVER seeing a GND so I've finally unblocked this bogey bird once and for all - maybe we should have a trophy for the longest standing (commonish) bogey bird!

Thanks to the finder and all those who've kept this blog updated with it's presence.


Dave Sutcliffe said...

Well done Charlie, a nice local tick for you then. It's amazing the bird can be really elusive at times even on this fairly small and open aspect reservoir it can at times be hard to find. The plumage details stand out really well on your photo.

charlie streets said...

Hi Dave,

Yep,it was very elusive but I felt sure it was there somewhere, just a case of keep walking round.

I think you were just leaving a couple of minutes before myself - pity we didn't meet for a chat. I was the one in a fleece as the forecast didn't suggest I needed waterproofs!!!!!