Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mixenden Res'r

This afternoon - ice now starting to form along the shoreline near the plantation - how far will this extend in the next few days I wonder?
Great Northern Diver still there
2 Little Grebe and a female Goldeneye diving near the edge of the ice.
c200 Black-headed Gulls and 20+ Common Gulls on the water
1 male Sparrowhawk chasing a Dunnock through the bushes but outcome unknown !

I'm still having a problem posting photo's and not getting anywhere trying to solve it !


Muxy said...

Hi Dave, at what point are the photos failing? Do they upload at all? When I did mine yesterday after they had uploaded I had to select them again and choose 'Add Selected' which seemed like an extra step.

Brian Sumner . said...

A dangerous time for divers getting trapped under the ice, don,t think Mixy freezes too much ?

Dave Sutcliffe said...

Hi Muxy. i just do my usual on the 'Compose' tab - ie. 'Insert Image' takes me to 'Browse' then I choose a photo from my files and 'open' and it drops a jpg into the box which now gets an X in it and I get a flashing bar at the bottom saying "do you want to open or save resumable from I have tried all ways but just draw blanks going no-where on 'open' or 'save'!!! Have you any 'tips'?

Muxy said...

I had a quick look on some problem forums and the problem seems to be quite common in the last few days but without a solution, they are hoping Google are going to sort it. The only thing I can suggest is that if you use Internet Explorer as your browser then try downloading and using Google Chrome. I use this and mine still seems OK at the moment. Someone on one of the forums also suggested this. I will also ask a techy guy at work tomorrow.

Dave Sutcliffe said...

Thanks Muxy, I'm on I Explorer but Chrome might be the answere..

it's not just me then. - I know who to ask now !!!!!
Mind you it has just led me to do a posting by email and it worked - that was a surprise. Though most of my shots are on the panasonic camera then computer
Will try tomorrow.