Thursday, January 08, 2015

Mixenden Res'r etc

Diver still at Mixenden today at 08:30 - still there at 14:50 (NK)
Also the Barnacle Goose is back with the Canada's  at Stodfold

Sainsbury's car park Halifax - Song Thrush singing there this morning.

Cold Edge Dams - 1 Cormorant
Fly Flatts - 54 Mallard, 1 Kestrel, and 2 Red Grouse. Also over the moor 14 Herring Gulls >W


Brian Sumner . said...

Unusual for such numbers of Mallards have ended up at Fly Flatts this winter

Dave Sutcliffe said...

Very starnge! It's a rough place to stay though they seem to be all resting and not feeding. I wonder if they just roost there then go out somewhere to feed at night ?