Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Christmas

We wish you all, contributors and visitors to the blog a very peaceful and enjoyable Christmas.
Local birding has been exceptional this year and there is still a few days left for something special !
There has been some very special birds this past year and our local recorder Nick Dawtrey will be putting together all the records with a view to producing another report covering 2013 and 2014. This is a mammoth task for Nick so if you can let him have your records for 2014 as soon as possible he would really appreciate that so he can collate the information during the winter evenings.
Nick has all the Grapevine information and I have picked most of the info posted on the blog but please pass any further records especially breeding records, rarities or scarce Calderdale birds to Nick.
In addition any really good photos of local birds for him to consider including in the report.

Enjoy the rest of Christmas with anticipation  and hope for what the New Year will bring.

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