Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Goldcrest - 1st for a while.

A single Goldcrest fed among some dwarf pines in the garden today at 15.45.  (Skircoat/Copley.)

Others visiting currently:
c.20 House Sparrows - my new lodgers. I never used to get them. A female prospects a box with nest material now and then.

4 Blackbirds, inc one male recognisable by a white wing spot.He's been coming since autumn.
2 Robins including one with a useless foot. It has to flutter to balance when hopping around.
2 Collared Doves
1 Woodpigeon
1 brief visit by a Nuthatch
1    "       "           Great Spotted Woodpecker
Coal and Blue Tits in equal quantity, but fewer Great Tits

I can summon up a company of Jackdaws any time I want by throwing out scraps further from the house. Some are distinctive, inc one once with a double-sized overgrown lower mandible. It fed with its head on the side.

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