Monday, August 11, 2014

Sunny Vale (Shibden Valley)

From Mike St  this afternoon - a Green Sandpiper feeding both at the top end and half way down the lake, in the weeds and even on the vegetation in the middle of the water. I think this is our only second reported Green Sand sighting this year in Calderdale.

I went down there later but was unable to find it unless it had moved off downstream towards Brookfoot. (?) Though I was reminded by a gentleman that this is a private site and that I should use a footpath nearby (but you cant see the lake at all well from the official footpath)!
Lots of Moorhens there too, with around 15 counted and they too were walking on the floating vegetation in the middle of the lake.

Mike doesn't have the option of 'New Post'  on the dashboard - does anyone else have this same problem ?

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