Friday, August 08, 2014

Ringstone and Fly Flatts etc

Last few days
A Hobby passed through Ringstone on Wednesday evening (JB) but not a sign of any migrant waders. From the observations of several local birders regularly at local sites - where are they ?
JB also commented, raising a question if wader passage through our upland reservoirs is a thing of the past ?? Plenty of shoreline at Ringstone and Fly Flatts for the last few weeks but a poor showing so far. I guess we hope for an improvement very soon.

Spring passage was not good this year mainly perhaps because most of our reservoirs were full to overflowing but this autumn is quite different with the long dry spell leaving bags of potential for waders.

The last good year was in 2011 when spring passage for waders at Fly Flatts was really good.

It would be good for a round up of the state of other reservoirs in our area as to there potential this year for some decent wader passage.?

Fly Flatts Res'r earlier this week


Brian Sumner . said...

The weather,s just been too good to bring the waders down so far. With clear blue skies they just keep going and unfortunately miss us out.

AndyC said...

Agree with bri the winds and weather are all wrong for inland wader passage. This next week may improve....