Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Little Owl and Curlews

Little Owl at Soyland. Adult female I think.
Had been out on moors with Matt the Herpetologist of Littleborough as I had a report of a snake from a mountain biking friend. Needless to say we were unlucky. It was a bit too cool and breezy. If anyone hears reports of snakes especially, but lizards also, please pass them on to the email on Calderdale-wildlife.blogspot. Please keep locations of snake sightings off the public blogs as some people have an irrational fear of them and still kill them.
Also you can reach Matt on his well-illustrated blog - The European Amphibian and Reptile Blog.
He is a keen birder and general naturalist.

No other birds on or over the moor except a few Meadow Pipits and one Skylark regrowing moulted wing feathers.

Later in the day at Ogden there were six curlews feeding on a tee at the golf course.

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