Monday, August 18, 2014

Sparrows by the squadron

I've been trying to coax House Sparrows into my garden for a few years. They've been nearby a long time, but totally absent from my garden.
Last year I got a pair occasionally, and this spring they were here again, the male picking up grass stalks.
Last week I had 12 all together and today at least 14. Some of them are obviously juvenile males so I guess most of them are birds of the year.
I let the garden go a bit and ignored the dandelions last year, and saw the pair eating the seeds from the heads before they were ripe.
I've also seen them eating young  dandelion leaves here and in West Central Halifax.
The foods they are coming for now are white bread crumbs from the breadboard and dry porridge oats, until I get stocked up on proper stuff.
I put the food out and they will have sometimes appeared before I get back to the window. They're very flighty, though.
I think they're also attracted by a neighbour's fat feeder.

There was another  flock of 25 - 30 at Barkisland today.

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Dave Sutcliffe said...

Nice one Steve. They also like 'Trill' budgie food !!