Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Ploughcroft area

This afternoon along Hag Lane I went looking for late Swallows and House Martins in the sheltered part of the valley without success. Plenty of Jays about but little else.
1 Sparrowhawk over Beacon Hill
1 Kestrel
1 Little Owl at Ploughcroft - which I was surprised to find after most of the field walls have been taken out from their traditional roosting/ vantage points.
I notice the same thing has happened in parts of the upper Luddenden Dean area as well. It's a shame to lose them as they are still valuable habitat. I just hope the fields don't now get weedkilled, ploughed and sown down with the Rye grass to the expense of the more wildlife friendly meadows !

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Jeff Cox said...

Dry stone walls being taken out is a real shame - probably just so the land owners can cash in on selling the stone (or am I just too cynical?)
Apart from loss of habitat for wildlife it also spoils the natural look of the countryside, as walls are a major feature of Calderdale.
Had the usual Little owl at Mankinholes and one at Lee Dam this morning I'm very glad to say :)