Tuesday, October 01, 2013


2 Parakeets or similar (Cockatiels?) flying around in Crow Wood Park,S/B this afternoon as I was leaving at 4.30.

I did manage to find one briefly with the bins but can't be absolutely sure of id. Ring Necked Parakeets or similar escapees.


Dave Sutcliffe said...

Thanks Mike - let us know of any more sightings - they sound like R N Parakeets as we have been getting a few local reports recently. Looks like they are on their way to colonising Calderdale before too long (?)

Andy Kiz said...

Escapees or breeders? The invasion has begun

Steve Blacksmith said...

Hi Mick,
See my post on Calderdale-wildlife.blogspot.co.uk a few weeks back
(one was photographed at Trimmingham, not far away, in Feb, though I only got the pic recently.)
It was one of the feral Ring-necked Parakeets.