Saturday, October 12, 2013

News from today

No Gannets reported locally today !!!! though there were still a few lingering inland around the country after yesterday's unprecedented showing.

Despite the poor drizzly conditions a good Redwing movement today >NW from Andy with 1,784 over Northowram this morning and a similar number 2,120 over a Bradford Vis Mig site (MP) again >NW

I tried the Jay House Lane site late morning but could only find 6 Tree Sparrows though I guess others were hiding away from the wind and drizzle. Well done to those who are keeping the feeders topped up to help them through the winter.

I also called at Bradley Hall Farm area but despite a quite an extensive search I couldn't find any Yellow-hammers

Soil Hill produced the goods again with 3 Jack Snipe thanks to NK - wonder if they are looking forward to spending the winter up there!!

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AndyC said...

there were 1000 + gannets and 11 Great skuas in the Humber today in and around the humber bridge,so tomorrow or Monday may be worth the effort.....