Friday, October 11, 2013

Other news today

15 Gannets reported from Lower Gorple this afternoon around 14.20 an amazing record for our area (KM) followed up by a juvenile over Northowram around 4 pm (AC) - several others were reported over West Yorkshire as well this afternoon. Unprecedented, though the weather conditions were in favour of something like this with the gusting prolonged NE wind at this time of year. What will tomorrow bring  !?

Also this afternoon 7 unidentified Geese over Lee Mount >NW (one large and the others slightly smaller) - after a phone call NCD managed to see one of them over Pellon - a Canada so the others went unidentified.

Small groups of Whooper Swans have also been reported from  a few Yorkshire and Lancashire sites in the last day or so - maybe we will get some soon!

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AndyC said...

Well what can I say...stuck at work getting texts of big moves of Redwings etc and then a 15 Gannets at gorple I nearly choked..........Got home,, full kit on wellies... hat... coat..Binns ...flushed a couple of mipits scanning all the time ,Starlings on the move Redwings heading north west and then a bloody cormorant ,,how come I get a bloomin cormorant when KM gets 15 gannets I was thinking.....better
have a look at it to see if its an adult or what ever...Bloody Hell its a Juvenile Gannet about 30 foot above the tree line. As it banked sideways a black silloette of long pointed wings and head were surreal against the penine backdrop....................well chuffed