Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Swales Moor

Just over an hour on the top this morning but not pleasant with the wind gusting to F5 though visibility was quite good
Most interesting feature was 4 seperate Sparrowhawks heading high, all west
2 Greylag Geese
12 Fieldfare >E
1 Starling
23 Common, 1 B H Gull and 1 L B B Gulls >SW
10 Goldfinch on thistles
1 Kestrel at Ploughcroft

We also had a check at Fly Flatts, Withens Head and Cold Edge this afternoon but conditions were not good and nothing of note - other than a big pack of hounds etc... chasing about in Clunters Clough just up from the Twite feeding station.

1 comment:

Brian Sumner . said...

You,re not having a good run with the weather lately Dave.
Sounds like Fly Flatts is getting too much disturbance lately with sad men shooting every weekend and now hounds.