Monday, October 01, 2012


The Yellow Browed Warbler was seen this morning (NK and MM) around 11.20 near the top end of the reservoir but despite intensive efforts from 10+ local birders this afternoon we produced no sighting - until last light when Ady picked up 2 calls as the L T Tit flock came through and went to roost in the rhododendrons.

Several of us noted that we had not had a sign of L T Tit flock all afternoon until they turned up last light so it's worth checking the L T Tit flock for the YBW tomorrow if anyone can find the LTT's !

Also present
20+ Goldcrests
1 Treecreeper
1 female Blackcap
2+ Chiff-chaffs
1 Siskin
Coal, Blue and Great Tits...
Juvenile Grey Heron
1 Peregrine over briefly
1 Sparrowhawk >E

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