Monday, October 08, 2012

Kirklees Hall habitat under threat

The fields near Kirklees Hall contained over 50 Linnets today, with 3 Mistle Thrushes and a single Yellowhammer.
The roof of the old shelter at the field edge was being used as a perch by one of the Little Owls, which was harassed by 2 Magpies (successfully-it disappeared !)
In the bushes were 2 Redwings, and along the path 2 male Pheasants.
Nearby there were at least 12 Chaffinches, a Kestrel, a G S Woodpecker, and a Buzzard flew directly into the wood not far away.
A fairly typical hour in this area, but for how much longer ?
Kirklees Council has plans for a 42 acre business park which would destroy prime farmland, woodland and hedgerows in the Green Belt, and create untold disturbace to the neighbouring habitat. A large portion of this land is in our area.
How can 'the greenest government ever' allow this sort of environmental vandalism ??
Details of the plans are on Kirklees MDC's website. There is still time to object.


Nick Carter said...

Thanks Mike, do you know if this site falls within Calderdale? I suspect not which might make it awkward for CBCG to object, however there is no reason why as many individuals as possible can't object.

Mike Stead said...

The Hall is in Calderdale, but the fields to be developed are in Kirklees - going right up to the Calderdale boundary on the western edge of the plan, from Cooper Bridge.
I've added environmental concerns to the Brighouse Civic Trust letter of objection.
The site is actually called the Cooper Bridge development.

Andy Kiz said...

Because this 'greenest government ever' they are peddling is complete bollocks, I'm sure there are many sites we don't know about like this around the country, the badger cull etc etc. does anyone have a link to where we can express our concerns?