Tuesday, October 02, 2012


I know this is not a Calderdale report but I find this information amazing about migrating Blue Tits over the last 2 days at Nabben, Falsterbo, Sweden.
21,660 on 30th September and 87,400 on 1st October

I can't say I ever thought Blue Tits were 'big movers' but this proves otherwise !!
If you start seeing a lot of Blue Tits on your garden feeders in the next few weeks, who knows where they might have come from?


Andy Kiz said...

incredible numbers. I never fail to be impressed by the humble goldcrest and because of the epic journey this tiny bird takes its right up there in my favourites.

Brian Sumner . said...

Amazing that Dave, I also didnt think Blue Tits moved in any magnitude. Had several Coal Tits in the past moving but never Blue

Jeff Cox said...

Amazing stuff that Dave.

Just followed a link and also saw that today there were 271,000 Chaffinch/Brambling through as well! It's good to know there are still fantastic numbers of birds about.