Monday, July 09, 2007


Having paid another visit to one of our LEO sites on Sunday 8/7/07 and meeting ND and companion who had seen an adult taking food into the "second" plantation - the same one ND, DS and myself saw one on the 29/6/07, I heard young (having listened again to LEO young on disc) calling from the "first" plantation and shortly after an adult flying along the road and into the same place (ND + companion had just left). Is it possible there are two pairs, was Davids young big enough to fly there? Can LEO males be polygamous?


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David Sutcliffe said...

Hi Bruce - the young one I saw was a big bird but I did not see it fly - just sitting on a branch for long enough - until it was dark. But it could be mobile? and there could be other young ones as well?