Sunday, July 08, 2007

Fly Flatts

Plenty juv Mipits about
08/07/2007 0745-1000hrs cold WSW>4. damp and murky
114 Canadas
5 Common Sandpiper
9 Golden Plover
1pr Tufted
1 Singing Skylark
2 Kestrels
1 Curlew... Have they gone ?
2 Sand Martin >S
32 Swift >SW
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Anonymous said...

Not a bad day Brian, much better than Soil Hill which had only 12 Skylark, 4 Reed Bunts and the Mipits to mention. I was wonderin about Curlew too, I recall the date that breeding is classed as over for moorland species being July 15 but have seen them up at TM in early August one year.

Nick Carter said...

No Curlew on Midgley Moor now, gone early, washed out?