Monday, January 14, 2019


Three nice shots of Redwings from Paul  B today as he was searching around 'The Range' in Pellon Lane after a report of 3/4 Waxwings near the traffic lights from Dave B early afternoon. No Waxwings but a good few Redwings feeding in Pyrecantha bushes.
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I also checked the site and found more Redwings in the Cotoneaster bushes at the back of the Methodist Church opposite the Police HQ (not a place to hang around looking in the bushes).
I did find more Redwings and 6+ Bramblings there, could have been more, though they were feeding in the cotoneasters which are still loaded with green leaves making viewing a bit tricky !
No reports of any Waxwings today at Sainsbury's despite plenty of 'watchers'.

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Bradshaw Rambler said...

I had a look nr.the Police Stn very late afternoon.
Very dark conditions with just Redwing and Blackbird seen.
Nice to see the interest that the Waxwing are generating.