Thursday, January 03, 2019

Cunnery Wood and Beacon Hill then Ogden

We took a walk up the hill from Shibden Hall this afternoon to the top of Beacon Hill. Decent footpaths, thanks I think to Calderdale Countryside Service, and great views from the beacon.
Not many birds about
2 Jays
1 Kestrel
A few gulls passing over and the usual corvids around

 Views from Beacon Hill

I tried late afternoon at dusk on an owl survey - nothing doing on that score but a nice Woodcock flew close by me a couple of times just as I was about to leave. Always a nice bird for the year list !

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Bradshaw Rambler said...

Great bird , Woodcock, Dave.
A real bogie bird for me.
(I seem to remember BS's great photo of one - on Soil Hill - I think).
(Perhaps I'll see one up there).