Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Bird ID Help

  Can anyone help with ID of this bird seen in the woods
  at Cromwell Bottom, it moved and acted like a Jay which
  I thought it was but the colours were all wrong, sorry for
  the poor pic but couldn't focus fast enough with all the twigs
  before it disappeared.
  Also a few pics of the Shibden Valley Buzzard.


David Sutcliffe said...

Especially like the top buzzard shot Dave.
I thought the first bird was a female Blackbird till I noticed the bill. It does show pale streaked primary feathers like a Jay and the bill also looks Jay like with a longish tail - but the colour of the bird is certainly unlike a typical Jay. I can't think what else it could be.

AndyC said...

It may be an odd looking female Blackbird , did you get any other photos.??