Thursday, March 30, 2017

Withens Clough

Incredibly foggy start to the walk,visibility down to 100m max.cleared up later though and managed to see a few good birds.Plantation was buzzing with small birds,couldnt work out what they all were though as light was terrible. Anybody care to ID these for me? where in a flock of at least 50.

top bird is reddish and the one lower and to the left is green. maybe redpoll??

Plantation looks like a good spot,ill probably go back later in the week when the skies are clearer. moors up by stoodley pike were full of meadow pipits and the reservoir edge produced a pair of stonchat and a reed bunting. the water itself had a pair of goldeneye and a mallard.

Birds seen

meadow pipit
reed bunting
canada goose
pied wagtail


Andrew Huyton said...

Top bird is a lesser redpoll and bottom bird is a Siskin. Another set of good sightings matt keep them coming.

MattEames said...

Thanks Andrew,hopefully ill see these again when light is better