Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Nest boxes etc

With the help of Alan T we put up another 12 boxes in a woodland in the dean this morning. It was pretty wet with drizzle first thing but we were not deterred. Surprising how difficult it was to fasten the boxes onto Oak,  they just didn't like the nails, though the birches were much more accommodating.
All today's boxes made by Roger R for National Trust funds and purchased through the contributions from the 'Grapevine' alongside those previously installed from Calderdale Birds Conservation Group (CBCG) Thanks to Alan, Roger and the 'grapeviners'.

AT demonstrating working practices to H & S standards (19..)
So far this year between us and Matt and Andy we have put up....
9 at Jumble Hole and 4 in Ludd Dean - funding from CBCG
4 near Northowram (hoping for Tree Sparrows) and around 25 in Ludd Dean funded by grapeviners along with some home made boxes thrown in.
Hardly any birds found down there this morning so after the boxes we headed up to Fly Flats for a quick check for Wheatears, none found, though there were at least 2 Stonechats at Withens Head (opposite the wind farm car park).

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Brian Sumner . said...

Well done to all for your efforts