Sunday, March 12, 2017

Jumble Hole

2 chiffchaff appeared around lunchtime, singing at times from the garden.
2 buzzards were around the Erringden area.
A male siskin was on the feeders, and turned out to be incredibly tame, staying put when people were shouting to each other 8 feet away from him!
Up in Jumble Hole itself, I've cleaned out all of last year's nestboxes in anticipation of the possible return of flycatchers. If they do return (in around 44 days - not that I'm obsessively counting....) it will be interesting to see if they're ringed birds (and therefore we should be able to determine if they're last year's Jumble Hole young) or unringed, and possibly the adult birds from last year.
Birds seen whilst spring cleaning:
- a pair of great spotted woodpecker, moving silently together from tree to tree
- singles of green woodpecker seen and heard
- treecreeper
- tawny owl
- meadow pipit over
- curlew heard calling

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David Sutcliffe said...

Look forward to some results Matt...