Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Local Walk


            Took a walk for a couple of hours at dusk around
            Pepper Hill & Swalesmoor-:
            Pepper Hill-:
            6 Mistle Thrush
            2 Fieldfare
            6 Redwing
            3 Robin
            8 Blackbird
            3 Great Tit
            1 Blue Tit
            1 Little Owl
            Lots of Gulls, Starlings, Crows & Jackdaws
            3 Meawdow Pipit
            1 Kestrel
            Gulls, Crows and Maggies.
            3 Grey Partridge.
            It's a shame the farm has cut down the Linnet
            and Twite tree nr the bottom of Ringby Lane.



1 comment:

David Sutcliffe said...

Nice shots Dave - especially the L Owl.
Plenty potential on Pepper Hill and agree shame about 'the tree'!