Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Our Garden

Heard buzzard calling whilst gardening 11.55am.  Shortly afterwards, two flew leisurely overhead fairly low.  This is the first year we are regularly seeing and hearing buzzards. 


David Sutcliffe said...

Great news Jan. Are you getting Kestrels? As they seem to be struggling locally at present with the vole population in low numbers after last years 'glut'.
Buzzards maybe have other options with Rabbits especially.

jang said...

We have a kestrel around quite a lot. Not sure if there is more than one as haven't identified whether male or female and haven't seen more than one at a time. I'll try and get one in my binoculars (difficult as I'm usually driving or nowhere near the binocs. when I see them). Definitely more than one sparrowhawk as both male and female/juv. have been seen. Latest this morning in our yard by kitchen window. Also earlier found pile of goldfinch feathers by feeder. We don't seem to have very many rabbits around here at the moment but could be increasing. Had lots a few years ago.