Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Cold Edge, Withens Head and Fly Flats

Yesterday it was really hard work finding anything it was so quiet birdwise !! It was a lovely day for a good walk though.
1 distant Raven
1 distant Common Buzzard
1 Kestrel
Hardly any Swallows, Linnet, Goldfinch or Meadow Pipits
3 Wheatear at Fly Flats
2 Little Owls at Withens Head
15 Red- legged Partridge at Fly Flats


jang said...

Are red-legged partridge common in Calderdale? Is someone introducing them or are they spreading into the area naturally? I've never seen any around here. We used to have what appeared to be one family of grey partridge which turned up now and again (usually in winter) but haven't seen them now for a couple of years.

Brian Sumner . said...

Red legged partridge have been bred and are currently now being released for shoots. There are several pens full at Thornton Moor.

David Sutcliffe said...

I see there is also a pen at Fly, I guess for RLP - hidden away!

As far as I know Grey P's are not bred as they are genuine wild birds in Britain.
Grey Partridge are scarce now in Calderdale though there are just a few, and to me they seem to be getting more difficult to find every year ! It would be a real shame to lose them.