Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Mount Tabor Marsh Harrier

After last weeks Red Kite and a possible Gos on Sunday I gave it another couple of hours today at the Mount Tabor watch point. First 90 minutes was very quiet with just 2 Ravens and 2 or 3 Common Buzzards one of which is very pale (so look out for it). Was just about to give up the ghost when I picked out 2 raptors over Castle Carr, one was a Buzzard the other a cream crown Marsh Harrier. The Harrier slowly gained height and was joined by two Kestrels before drifting over Cold Edge towards Fly Flats.

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Muxy said...

One common buzzard had passed over Tabor towards Castle Carr this morning. 4 common buzzards circling high over Windy Bank this afternoon. Kestrel hopping at the bottom of a wall between Roils Head and Tabor oblivious to the car. Female sparrowhawk sat on the kids trampoline yesterday morning.