Friday, July 03, 2015

Soil Hill

Couple of bits and pieces from Soil Hill late morning/early afternoon. Highlights included:
-3 Twite that flew round from the East, banked and then flew back that way. I could not see if they went down at all, as I was in a dell when they came over.
-One Goldcrest in the small patch of trees at the base of the main track, calling frequently but only seen once
-One Red Kite which drifted down from the north, over the top of the hill high up, before looping off NE direction. 
-Red Kite
Other species included 2 Juvenile Blue Tits, Blackbird, Magpie, Linnet, Woodpigeon, Skylark, Carrion Crow, Meadow Pipit, Swift (18 in total), Whitethroat (3 including a singing male), Goldfinch, Swallow,


Bradshaw Rambler said...

Enjoyed the chat up there earlier today Daniel.
Thanks for the Red Kite"shout out".
Brilliant Twite spot - maybe the nyger seed will pay dividends.

Dave Sutcliffe said...

Well done with the Kite - and even rare for the north end of Hx nowadays with some Twite.