Saturday, July 18, 2015

New to Calderdale/SEO

Just moved to calderdale(sowerby bridge/friendly) to be precise.I am a keen birder and cant wait to get exploring the area.Would be greatful if anybody could suggest areas for me to go out birding? My first trip out was up to wainstalls last night,was lucky enough to see this Short Eared Owl perched on a post the hunting for a good 20 minutes.Pretty good first evening out so ive high hopes for my birding in calderdale.Cant wait to get posting.Thanks Matt


ChrisJB said...

Cracking bird Matt'. I saw one last night too, in the extreme south of the area. There seems to be a few knocking about at the moment.

heavybirder said...

Suggest you get hold of The Halifax Bird Report, I think The Go Local Store at Mount Tabor/Pellon still have a few left or you might like to join the local grapevine service run by Dave Sutcliffe, a tenner a year for all the local rarities
as they turn up to your mobile. You could also contact one of the bird club members,
my land line is 01422 364228 Nick D.

Matthew Broadbent said...

Good find. I saw.3 including one juvenile on cragg vale moor on Saturday