Saturday, July 11, 2015

Leo chicks

Out checking on long eared owl nest last night. 1-2 fledged young hunger calling from a site that's known about but new this year. If you go out looking (listening) for them, this is what to listen out for. Nick D is co-ordinating a survey to try determine how many nesting pairs we have in Calderdale (no owls to be seen on the video by the way, just there for the audio!).


Matthew Broadbent said...
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Matthew Broadbent said...

Where abouts was this filmed?

heavybirder said...

All locations are withheld but I will post the results of the LEO and Shortie survey next month if there are no objections. If you want to be involved Matthew contact me or any other member of the club.Its getting a bit late but I have had young hunger calling in early August in the past so you never know.