Thursday, November 13, 2014

Swan, Hebden Bridge

A mute swan was reported by Paul Knights, having been told by a neighbour of his. It's on the canal by the Stubbing Wharf pub. It has a metal ring on its right leg (BTO?), and was still there this evening. Not a common bird in Calderdale! And it has been said before, probably statistically not our most 'common' swan either!

Other recent bits - a raven was over the house today, calling. Small flocks of 10-25 siskin are bouncing around Jumble Hole in recent days, feeding briefly but usually moving on quickly. 11 redpoll were at Callis Wood (opposite Jumble Hole) last Friday.

1 comment:

Dave Sutcliffe said...

Good to hear someone is getting Redpll and Siskin! Not found many up this end yet this autumn.