Monday, November 03, 2014

Swales Moor and Soil Hill

1 male Stonechat on the top
2 Meadow Pipits
4 Red-legged Partridge

Soil Hill
After a report from NK of a Snow Bunting on the mounds this morning I gave it a try, but without success unfortunately. There is much more vegetation on the top after this last summer and not a lot of bare ground, making it more difficult to find anything.
c18 Meadow Pipits
1 Common Snipe
1 adult Herring Gull >W

Mixenden Stodfold yesterday - 2 Barnacle Geese there now, along with 5 Canadas

Also a report from PG of 10 Brambling in Withens Clough this morning


Muxy said...

Watched a Pergerine for several minutes we happened to spot driving past a local reservoir. Saw off a crow that had dare mob it with some vicious stoops. Had a failed attack on some Mallard before flushing an unidentified bird across the far side and disappeared in pursuit.

Bruce said...

Sunday at Soil Hill had 1 Red legged partridge and two male Pheasants. I was hoping to be the first with Snow Bunt. Hoping for a Waxwing year locally. Time we had good one!