Thursday, November 06, 2014

Swales Moor

I had an hour up there this afternoon.
Hardly anything moving (late in the day I know) other than 5 Woodpigeons,  28 Fieldfares and 1 Redwing >NW and a Great Spotted Woodpecker >NE

c6 Meadow Pipits about but a bonus bird was a Twite on the top (unringed). I guess its a female/juvenile with no sign of any pink on the rump.
I thought afterwards - I go with Nyger seed for the Twite to Fly Flatts without success then find one this afternoon at Swales. Better start taking some Nyger seed up there !


Brian Sumner . said...

Nice one Dave, I wonder if its the same bird that turns up every year.

Dave Brotherton Photography said...

There's been a flock of them up there everyday lately, they usually hang around the farm nr bottom of path.

Steve Blacksmith said...

What they (it?) probably stop off for is some of those weed seeds. Extra Nyjer wouldn't go amiss though.

Maybe the landowner would be amenable to CBCG doing some cultivation, then abandoning it for weeds to grow ?

Dave Sutcliffe said...

A very good idea Steve. I am on the lookout for the owner but I very rarely see anyone up there! I have a suspiscion the landowner or someone has used/uses the site for some off roading as well which this year has helped a lot to create grass free areas. I will keep you posted if I make any progress.