Monday, May 05, 2014

Withens Clough and Turley Holes and Higher House Moor, Cragg Vale

On a circuit from the Hinchcliffe, up to the res' embankment, along Turley Holes Edge, to Higher House Barn and back along Cragg Brook were the following:

plenty of linnets and meadow pipits
willow warbler
common sandpiper
a few swallows
a couple of curlew
whitethroat (right on the mooredge, near Higher House Barn)

I've been doing this walk, each May-time, for a long time and lately it seems to get quieter and quieter each year.  Not that long back there was always a good chance of tree pipit, whinchat, cuckoo and ring ouzel.  Today was very quiet on the bird front.
Other things included, butterwort leaves out, glorious swathes of mayflowers on the res' embankment, two bilberry bumblebees (like 12 months ago I failed to photograph them) and lots of green tiger beetle holes near Cove Hill.  I also photographed two unidentified small bees if someone would like a look.

Regards, C. Jepson-Brown

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