Tuesday, May 27, 2014


A walk from the Widdop Road car park to Upper Gorple yesterday evening, in warm still conditions.

- a total of 15 common sandpiper, including 6 in the Lower Gorple run-off
- ringed plover, also in the run off
- 3 cuckoo, including one getting scolded by a meadow pipit
- 2 grey wagtail
- 10+ willow warbler
- 2 goldcrest
- snipe difficult to count, but 11 would be a minimum, many of which were drumming
- likewise lapwing, 25-30? probably many more, but mobile so hard to accurately count on a walk
- 3+ woodcock roding
- siskin heard flying over
- 6 mallard
- 7 mistle thrush
- 3 blackbird
- a single kestrel was the only raptor


AndyC said...

Great year for Common Sands and common waders in general.15 is a really good count.

Matt Bell said...

There could well have been more than that. Impressive sight.

AndyC said...

Good Snipe count as well..